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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is CRT.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

“No, critical race theory isn’t being taught.” (Moorpark Acorn, 30 July 2021) That’s how Jane Wagmeister, Moorpark USD’s Assistant Superintendent/Instructional Services responded to reporters Ian Bradley and Makena Huey. So far, neither Acorn nor Ventura County Star reporters have reported CVUSD officials’ responses about CRT. How would they respond? If Superintendent McLaughlin or a Board member answered like Wagmeister, they would be prevaricating: CRT permeates the CVUSD. Interestingly, why haven’t reporters queried CVUSD Board Members about CRT. Are they afraid of the answers?

Critical Race Theory drives CVUSD programs, Board actions, and what student leaders say. Board-Approved Resolution language, the Board process to select/appoint its DEI Task Force, and student assertions prove CRT’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion maneuvers have infected the CVUSD, even its students’ thinking.

Policy: CVUSD’s “RESOLUTION #20/21-08: COMMITMENT TO RACIAL EQUITY” incorporates CRT terms of art, institutionalizing Critical Race Theory tenets into CVUSD policy. CVUSD Policy language is replete with terms like equity/equitable, systemic racism (historic, current), anti-racism, achievement gap, implicit/explicit bias, inclusive curriculum, affinity groups. . . .

Program: Implementing RESOLUTION #20/21-08, the Board established its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force (DEI). Using its race/ethnic-conscious thumb of equity, the Board appointed its “Equity Task Force Forming Committee,” selecting two Black and two Latinx “educational leaders outside of CVUSD” to “represent racial, ethnic and primary language diversity”. Vetting 200 applicants, the committee selected 15 DEI Task Force members. They may be “diverse” and “inclusive”, but equitable according to what standard? The Task Force’s current membership—5 Hispanic, 4 Black, 2 Asian, 2 Indian, and 1 White—hardly represents Conejo demographics, demonstrating how CRT/DEI “equity” determines outcome.

Product: CRT-indoctrinated remarks by the five student DEI Task Force members. Collectively, students parrot Critical Race Theory narratives: schools are “unsafe” and “non-inclusive for BIPOC students”; they call for “actions against racial inequity”, without evidence for their allegations. The CVUSD Student Trustee encourages indoctrination asserting that High School’s mandatory schooling” is “an optimal time to incorporate anti-racist narratives.” Asserting the “anti-racist” word of art is their CRT- premised unsupported accusation that 60-70% of their constituency (white students) is inherently/implicitly racist, demonstrating student leaders’ internalization of CRT’s racist tenets couched in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion iniatives.

Undoubtedly CVUSD Board Members, employees, and students would, if asked, deny CRT’s presence. Their actions, polices, and words prove otherwise.

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