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Placentia/Yorba Linda School District Bans CRT

In a major win for parents, the Placentia/Yorba Linda School Board voted this week to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory (“CRT”). California Parent Alliance President Andy Falco, who was instrumental in the policy change said, “This win is the result of more than nine months of hard work by scores of parents who care about their kids. It is time for schools to stop injecting politics into the classroom and get back to teaching our kids reading, writing, math, and science.” The ban is the first in Orange County and one of the first in California.

Parents across the state are waking up to the indoctrination of their children within the public school system. Woke teachers are teaching kids that all white people are racists. Worse, they instruct the kids that anyone not embracing their ideology are racist bigots. In effect, they are teaching kids that their parents are bigots, making the children feel guilty about being unwitting accomplices to the bigotry, driving a wedge between parent and child, while offering a way out by becoming an activist.

Proponents of Critical Race theory waffle between declaring that Critical Race Theory is not taught in schools and declaring the importance of Critical Race Theory because of the historic, systemic racism embedded in America. Andy Falco, President of California Parent Alliance said, “When I was in school, I learned about the history of racism in America, the history of slavery in America, but no one pointed a finger at me and told me that it was my fault. I wasn’t even born when those things happened.”

For many parents, CRT is offensive because it divides students by race, ascribing characteristics to them based on their skin color rather than their actions or character, which ironically is the very definition of bigotry. Believers in CRT see the world through a prism of race – everything is about race – every interaction, system, law, relationship, is defined by race. Unfortunately, this philosophy can have very damaging real-world consequences. One California father shared the story of his daughter’s attempted suicide. “She was targeted by a group of students who told her that she was just a privileged white girl, and she should just kill herself. We were able to intervene before she did. Those ideas didn’t just come from the children, they came from the teachers.”

Parents across California are fed up with a failing school system that spends millions of dollars and hours of classroom instruction on CRT and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, while nearly half of California students are behind in reading and two-thirds of California children failed to meet the state’s math standards. California Parent Alliance provides a platform for parents to band together to demand quality education free from a leftist agenda.

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