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The Lies Critical Race Theory Tells

While there are many people who believe in Critical Race Theory (or Social Justice Theory, or Social Marxism, etc) because they believe it will make the world a better place, the actual result of this ideology couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, the entire theory is based on lies.

Lie #1: The most important social determiner of a person is their level of oppression.

The most common use for this lie is in the division of people by race. However, there are many aspects of a person that may be placed in an “oppressed” or “oppressor” category. This idea is termed “intersectionality.” Here are a few examples:

Critical Theory, which is the broader ideology encapsulating Critical Race Theory, divides the world into categories. In this view, the more oppressed you are, the more social credit you carry. This means that you are more likely (or even more worthy) of getting the job, receiving the promotion, being accepted into college, being listened to in the public sphere.

It is a very dangerous thing when the value society places on a person is based entirely on their immutable characteristics.

It is the same logic that denied education to women, forced Jews into concentration camps, and sold blacks into slavery.

Here is the result of this theory reaking havoc on our nation:

  • Many colleges, high schools, and even elementary schools have begun segregating their schools, through separate graduation ceremonies, dorms, and events.[1]

  • “Diversity training,” which often includes separating minorities from whites, is mandatory in most workplaces across the nation, segregating the workplace.[2]

  • A new Gallup poll found that nearly 40 percent of U.S. Gen Zers identify as LGBTQ.[3]

  • The rate of women enrolling in and graduating from college far surpasses that of men.[4]

  • The recent call to “defund the police” has led to crime spikes in over 20 major cities.[5]

It is very ironic that the very people advocating for segregation now believe that they are carrying on the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., who advocated for peaceful protests against segregation. In fact, Dr. King had a dream that his children would “one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by their character.”[6] Dr. King recognized that skin color is not what defines a person. Immutable characteristics must never be used to determine a person’s worth to society.

Critical Race Theory advocates for the very injustices that Dr. King sought to eliminate.

Lie #2: The only way to achieve social equity and a just society is by throwing off the ideological hegemony, or, the “oppressor.”

Combatting this view is very simple: one must simply look at history. Marxism of this sort has been tried time and time again, always with the same result: Those who throw off the oppressor become the oppressor. What is the end of this philosophy? In the words of George Orwell, “All [men] are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Our nation’s founders understood the issue: Those who gain power will always desire more of it. That is why our government was created the way it is: with every branch of government dependent on and accountable to the other.

Critical Race Theory seeks to tear down, without any plan of building back up. It seeks to “dismantle” without a clear picture of bringing together. It is more divisive than unifying, more destructive than constructive. After the dust settles, who will be there to create the “utopia”? Only those who were powerful enough to survive the destruction. They will be the new oppressors, those who truly become tyrants. This is demonstrated in the nations where Marxism has had its fullest influence: Russia, China, Argentina, Cuba, North Korea, etc.[7]

The George Floyd riots of 2020 were perfect evidence of this. The end result was more than $2 billion worth of damage, mostly on local businesses, and over 6 people dead with more wounded.[8] While I do not assert that every person who espouses CRT will act this violently, the riots are demonstrative of the full culmination of this ideology’s destructive nature.

Rather than dismantling all of society in order to seek an equal outcome for everyone, our nation’s founders understood that a truly free society is one that gives equal opportunity to everyone, and the freedom for each individual to create.[9] That is why our nation has spread freedom and democracy across the globe. It is why there are more immigrants to the U.S. than to any other nation in the world.[10] The United States is a far more just and free society than most other countries. Let’s make sure that we understand its value before jumping on board the train to its demise.

Critical Race Theory promises justice and equity, but those who follow it will only find destruction and division in its wake. Not only are the presuppositions of oppression a false premise, but the goal of equity is unattainable and harmful.

Do not be deceived.

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