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It's time to take action!

Are you frustrated with the direction of California schools, but don't know what to do?  You have come to the right place! Whether you are a parent, grandparent, business owner, or concerned citizen, it is up to all Californians to take action to reclaim our schools. The first step is to band together.  Let's get started!


Get Educated

  • Sign-up for the California Parent Alliance newsletter.

  • Watch the "Introduction to an Awakened Parent" video

  • Keep learning! We have even more information for you on our "Learn' tab.

  • Read books 

  • Attend events and rallies in your neighborhood. 

  • Attend your local school board meeting.  Need a list of dates and times? 


Go Public

  • Submit an incident report to California Parent Alliance (see the submission form below).  Share what is happening with your student or at your School.  We are here to help!

  • Share with other parents, friends, and family.  Let your voice be heard in your own circle.

  • Spread the word! Write, like and share on social media. Forward emails.  

  • Write letters to teachers, principles, and School Board members.

  • Speak at your local school board - we'll help you!

  • Walk neighborhoods to distribute critical information.


Help California Parent Alliance

  • Recruit other parents

  • Volunteer your time

    • Write articles​

    • Help with graphic design

    • Manage social media

    • Coordinate events

    • Use your skills and interests


Start a Chapter

Become a leader and start a California Parent Alliance Chapter in your district!



  • Teacher's unions in California use millions on ongoing union dues to influence elections and advance their agenda.

  • It is time for Parents to unite and share resources to advance parent rights in California.  

Submit an incident Report

Thanks for submitting!

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