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To be frank, California Parent Alliance (CPA) started out as a group of angry parents. Like you, we saw the consequences of trusting school districts, school boards, and teacher's unions to do the right thing while we were not watching. We saw what they were quietly doing without our knowledge and input. We also saw them hiding things that they knew we as parents would not like nor agree to.

As like minded angry parents in Ventura County began to voice their displeasure (putting it nicely) they discovered they were not alone. As time went on they began to organize and soon California Parent Alliance began to take form. This group of parents have been very instrumental in educating parents in LA and Ventura County while organizing rallies and conferences on CRT, Sex Education, and gender issues to name a few.

At the same time, angry parents in Orange County had come to the same realization. They too had become complacent and trusted the same radicals that had taken hold of their children's schools. These parents also began to organize and soon they had success in ousting 3 radical school board members in the Placentia Yorba Linda School District and replacing them with 3 angry parents. This early success has made a world of difference. 

It did not take long for the groups of parents saw each others success and understood that our successes locally was due to education (of parents), organization, and in numbers. Therefore, Orange County parents have joined CPA and we are spreading and organization chapters throughout the State. And we would love to have you join us too.


Our dedicated team here at California Parent Alliance 


Andy Falco Jiminez


Andy Falco serves as President of California Parent Alliance.  He is a best-selling author, popular speaker and podcaster.  He is President of Falco Enterprises, Inc. a company specializing in the training of humans and their dogs. Andy is also the President of Falco K9 Services, Security and Investigations, a security firm that utilizes dogs in both patrol and detection dog services in addition to other security services. Andy worked as a Police K9 handler from 1989 to 1996 for the Anaheim Police Department in California. Andy retired from the police department in 2005 to concentrate on Falco Enterprises, Inc.  And currently assists individuals to become experts in their field and helps them build a platform and market themselves and their businesses. He has been a leader for change in his local school board and has a vision for sharing that success throughout the state.

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Steve Coker


Steve Coker serves on the board of California Parent Alliance as Secretary. Steve and his wife Sherri homeschooled their three daughters, all of which have now graduated from college.  Steve is also a small business owner in Thousand Oaks, and has a background in Finance, Marketing and General Management.  He has also taught at the college level as adjunct professor. Steve is committed to giving back to the community and defending the rights on parents through his work with California Parent Alliance.  

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Priscilla Rocha


Priscilla Rocha is a grandmother of small children and a strong advocate for their education.  She serves as Treasurer for California Parent Alliance. Priscilla has a strong background in finance, beginning in the early 1980’s in banking where she became a Branch Operations Manager, then Mortgage Banking serving as a Senior Loan Processor during the 90’s, and then finally in accounting where she has worked in both public accounting with CPA firms and now in the private sector heading up account departments for small business.  Priscilla believes that the future is in the hands of our children, and as a grandmother, her heart is directing her to advocate for children’s education.

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