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Support Kamdin Hernandez

School Staff at Garden Grove Elementary School in Simi Valley have reportedly forced 9 year-old Kamdin Hernandez to sit alone outside because he couldn't wear a mask. Kamdin has ADHD and wearing a mask makes him anxious and his words, 'stressed out'. In more sane times such struggles would be met with compassion and accomodation, but in today's Covid crazy schools Kamdin is considered a clear and present danger.

According to Kamdin's dad, Tim Hernandez, his son struggled with distance learning, and was looking forward to in-person instruction when schools re-opened. However, the mask mandates, and Kamdin's struggle to comply have set up a conflict with the school that is still ongoing. Despite repeated attempts to find a solution the Simi Valley Unified School District has been unbending.

The parents of California Parent Alliance’s Simi Valley Chapter have come together to support Kamdin. Please come to the Simi Valley Unified School Board meetings to show your support. Here is a link to board meetings and times:

California Parent Alliance is also raising funds to help Kamdin's family with legal defense, educational materials and services, and medical services. Join us! Go to , click the donate button, write “Kamdin” in the comments box and the proceeds will go to Kamdin Hernandez's family for their support.

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