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California Parent Alliance

Fighting for Parent Rights

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We are a California non-profit non-partisan organization dedicated to defending parental rights. Children are impressionable. For thousands of years, parents have passed along their values to their children. This is a basic right of all parents, regardless of their beliefs, values or political views. 

In California, local school boards have tremendous control over the curriculum that is taught in the classroom. Sacramento has been making a huge power play against parents, and unfortunately, local school boards have been quietly playing along, whittling away at parental rights.

And that's where the California Parent Alliance comes in!


Becoming involved with an existing  chapter, or starting your own chapter is one of the best ways we can get organized to fight for parental rights. 


Events bring us together so we can learn from one another and find out what's working in different school districts.


Under our resources tab you will find all the links and downloads you might need in order to take your kids future back!

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"I feel so empowered to make a difference in my community and my children's future."

CA Resident

Tracy C.

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